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Learn to Build - Colorverse

Learn to Build - Colorverse


Introducing Colorverse! 

We're bringing all the reasons to love Plus-Plus into one essential set. Unique design, new building techniques and over 15 selections from our signature color palette are all coming together to unlock maximum creativity and a world of color! 

Colorverse is a great way to get started with Plus-Plus. You'll learn to create in 2D or 3D, encouraging open-ended, creative play. It’s a perfect STEM toy to develop fine motor skills, focus and patience.

Suggested for ages 5+

Included In Colorverse:

  • 1000 pieces (White, Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pastel Pink, Lime, Turquoise, Navy Blue, Coral, Apple, Mint, Cornflower, Vanilla, Ocean, Fuchsia, Copper) 
  • 6 chassis Baseplates (Green, Blue, Red, Pastel Blue, Lime, Yellow)
  • Small wheels (Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow)
  • Small Hubs (Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow)
  • 1 Guide Book gives step-by step instructions to build flat mosaics and 3D creations - animals, people, buildings and more!

About Plus-Plus:

  • Created in our 100% wind-powered factory in Denmark
  • Made with recyclable polyethylene plastic
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Each piece measures .75" x .5" (20mm x 12mm)
  • Each chassis baseplate measures 1.87"" x 1.375"" (48mm x 112mm)
  • Each wheel measures 1.4" x 0.125" (35.56mm x 3.175mm)

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